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SPEAKER A: 2nd and Main

Speaker A is a proposal for a permanent sound installation at 2nd and Main St in Vancouver that I will be creating with Maiko Bae Yamamoto and James…

Jacqueline Hoàng Nguyễn: The Making of an Archive

The Making of an Archive is an ongoing project by artist Jacqueline Hoàng Nguyễn curated and produced by myself and my colleague Dan Pon through grunt gallery in…

13 Ways to Summon Ghosts: Gordon Smith Gallery

13 Ways to Summon Ghosts is an exhibition guest-curated by Kimberly Phillips (currently of the Contemporary Art Gallery) at the Gordon Smith Gallery in North Vancouver. I was…

Instant Coffee: Pink Noise Pop Up

I worked with Canadian arts collective Instant Coffee to produce this project in Seoul, South Korea in March 2018. From the grunt website: “Pink noise” is a specialized…

Unwilling: Exercises in Melancholy

Kimberly Phillips and I were honoured to be invited to curate an exhibition at the Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery at Haverford College in tandem with the Hurford Center’s 2017-18…

Dominique Pétrin: You won’t solve the problem with an air freshener

You won’t solve the problem with an air freshener was the first solo exhibition in Vancouver by Montréal-based artist Dominique Pétrin that I curated for grunt gallery in…

Hannah Jickling and Helen Reed: Big Rock Candy Mountain

Big Rock Candy Mountain is a project I’ve been working on with Hannah Jickling and Helen Reed since early 2015. It’s part of my work as a Curator/ Producer with Other Sights for Artists’ Projects, an organization in Vancouver that commissions temporary artworks for the public realm.

For Julie and Eva (2017)

“For Julie and Eva” (2017)
Forthcoming in Temperatures, edited and designed by Lauren Francescone and featuring the work of artist Julie Goll.

Friday Afternoon Newsletter (You, Dear) (2017)

“Friday Afternoon Newsletter (You, Dear)”, 2017
Forthcoming in Art Criticism and Other Short Stories, edited by Helen Reed.

Cindy Mochizuki: Shako Club

Shako Club Shako Club (or “social club”) is a community-engaged project I worked on with artist Cindy Mochizuki as part of my work with grunt gallery. The project…

My Mineral (2016)

“My Mineral” (2016)
Published as a Postscript for Artspeak Gallery’s exhibition The Accursed Share, curated by Marina Roy and featuring works by Deborah Edmeades, Derek Dunlop and Aleesa Cohene.

Big Rock Candy Mountain: The Start of Something Bigger and Smaller (2016)

“Big Rock Candy Mountain: The Start of Something Bigger and Smaller” (2016)
Written to accompany the project Big Rock Candy Mountain by Hannah Jickling and Helen Reed, produced by Other Sights for Artists’ Projects and curated/ produced by Vanessa Kwan. Originally published online at

Zoe Kreye: FutureLoss

FutureLoss is a project by Zoe Kreye that I curated/ produced as part of my work at grunt gallery. Here’s an excerpt from the text I wrote for…

This Creeping Root

I was invited by curator Maiko Tanaka to make a work for Nuit Blanche in Toronto. I opted out of making a spectacular thing, and created a more temporal, gradually unfolding installation. In Butterfield Park at the Ontario College of Art and Design, I made a garden best viewed by moonlight (with the help of landscape architect Emily Hogg). The installation was accompanied by an edition of 250 cards, each including a seed for a night blooming flower, to be planted in spring. These were distributed to visitors to the site throughout the evening.

Banff Works

Here’s a bunch of sculptures I made in Banff in 2015. I was there to work on ideas for a public artwork, but ended up scrounging around in the metal forge (not making anything remotely monumental) and experimenting with ceramics. Most of these pieces are made out of materials discarded from the forge – scrap bits of bronze, aluminum and silver, and some red wax that is used in casting.

Public Art and the Mega-Event: Two Case Studies (2015)

“Public Art and the Mega-Event: Two Case Studies” (2015)
Published in a special issue of Canadian Theatre Review, edited by Peter Dickinson, Kirsty Johnson and Keren Zaiontz.

The Polymorph (2015)

“The Polymorph” (2015)
Included in the publication Far Away So Close, Part 1, edited by Kimberly Phillips, published by Access Gallery on the occasion of the exhibition of works by Sarah Stein with Hyemin Kim, Erdem Taşdelen, Jim Verberg, Nicole Kelly Westman and Hyung-Min Yoon (September 13 – November 1, 2014)

FUSE, 2008 – 2014

Between 2008 and 2014, I worked as curator of performance with the Vancouver Art Gallery. Working both within the spheres of public programming and the curatorial department, my…

Julia Feyrer: Kitchen (2014)

Julia Feyrer: Kitchen (2014)
“Part 1: History Creeps: the grunt Kitchen and Julia Feyrer”
“Part 2: Recordings”
“Part 3: Notes”
Distributed over the course of Julia Feyrer’s residency with grunt gallery, and during her exhibition “Kitchen” in November/ December of 2014.

Swan Song (for Cats) – with Norma

Swan Song (for Cats) JANUARY 2014 / PUSH INTERNATIONAL PERFORMING ARTS FESTIVAL / PERFORMANCE WORKS, VANCOUVER For their last (and most preparationally-intensive) performance, Norma finally realised a 10-year…

10 blocks: Small Notes on the Public Imaginary (2014)

“10 blocks: Small Notes on the Public Imaginary” (2014)
Included in Placemaking: A Decade in the City, edited by Alex Lazaridis Ferguson, published by the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival, on the occasion of the festival’s 10th anniversary in January 2014.

Other Things

Sometimes I work as a curator and programmer, and once in a while I write things on art and culture. More on this as we go. In the…

Kara Uzelman: Stratiform

Stratiform was an exhibition of work by Berlin- and Saskatchewan-based artist Kara Uzelman at 221A Artist Run Centre in Vancouver in 2013. It was co-curated by myself and…

Everything Between Open and Closed

EVERYTHING BETWEEN OPEN AND CLOSED Curated by Shaun Dacey For two weeks (August 15 – 28th, 2013), I am taking part in the Burnaby Art Gallery‘s KIOSK project–…

Sad Sack

Sad Sack ( is a slowly developing research project that will unfold during the saddest months of the year in 2012-13 (meaning the months when it rains…

Not Flotsam: Kara Uzelman’s Stratiforms (2013)

“Not Flotsam: Kara Uzelman’s Stratiforms” (2013)
Included in the exhibition catalogue for Kara Uzelman’s exhibition “Stratiform” at 221A, curated by Kimberly Phillips and Vanessa Kwan.

Language Leaves Me Lonesome

LANGUAGE LEAVES ME LONESOME (FOR LAVAL) This work was created for a project by curators Mariane Bourchiex-Laporte and Anne-Marie Proulx, in conjunction with Chroniques Lavalloises (The Laval Chronicles)…


Annabel Vaughan and Makiko Hara curated an exhibition at Centre A called TO / FROM: BC ELectric Railway 100 Years. Loosely the show was about the building that…

Geyser for Hillcrest Park

Erica Stocking and I were selected to produce a permanent public art piece for the City of Vancouver at the newly minted Hillcrest Community Centre in Mount Pleasant….

Some Monster: Spatial Poetics XI

I put together this program for the Powell Street Festival and Spatial Poetics, an annual performance showcase of collaborative projects. Here’s an excerpt from the program notes: **…