Big Rock Candy Mountain is a project I’ve been working on with Hannah Jickling and Helen Reed since early 2015. It’s part of my work as a Curator/ Producer with Other Sights for Artists’ Projects, an organization in Vancouver that commissions temporary artworks for the public realm.

As a public art piece, BRCM is quite unusual – it’s created over a long period of time, and is not concerned with the production of anything remotely monumental. The artists create work in collaboration with kids from an elementary school (we’re working with Queen Alexandra Elementary, located at Clarke and Broadway in East Vancouver), and together they explore taste, power, new aesthetics, surrealism, absurdity, economics, pop and global production, all through the lens of a folk-utopia (ie: the Big Rock Candy Mountain – where adult rules of rationality no longer apply) – and candy.

So far the project has produced a limited edition chocolate bar (available through East Van Roasters and online), a series of risograph postcards, a ‘zine, a series of installations and displays, some critical texts and a website. More is coming soon.

The best way to explore the project is to peruse the project website at

You can read an essay I wrote on the first phase of the project here.