Annabel Vaughan and Makiko Hara curated an exhibition at Centre A called TO / FROM: BC ELectric Railway 100 Years. Loosely the show was about the building that Centre A was housed in– the venerable BC Electric Building in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside– and alongside that, it was about the mechanisms of travel, communication and displacement that overlap on this site, in this neighbourhood, and throughout this city.

Annabel asked me to revisit Vancouver Family, and so I did. The work that resulted was a partial exhibition of the postcards (in the small vitrine at left), and a set of new drawings– begun back in 2003 and finished in 2012. The drawings are ink on paper, and are reproductions of 5 of the responses I got from the postcards. I wish I had a good detail shot of the drawings, but I don’t (yet)– they were quite painstaking to do, and their intricacy was an important way for me to revisit this project. Putting the time in to doing these drawings felt like an appropriate way to finish this piece, and honour the responses that were sent back to me all those years ago.