Speaker A is a proposal for a permanent sound installation at 2nd and Main St in Vancouver that I will be creating with Maiko Bae Yamamoto and James Long, Artistic Co-Directors of the amazing performance company Theatre Replacement. I’ve been a huge fan of Maiko and Jamie’s work for many years, and I’m super delighted to work with them on this one.

As proposed, the work includes three distinct audio tracks, installed at in the courtyard of a new development at 2nd Avenue and Main Street. Specialized directional speakers will produce a highly controlled sound “column” that visitors would walk into and out of at will. The sounds will be of collaborative texts and stories, gleaned from a dozen diverse writers from around the city. Each track will have a distinct focus that, when taken together or separately, bring together ideas that define lives lived in such close proximity: restlessness and care.

The choice to use sound stems from my interest in the capacity to create experiences in public space that draw attention to ideas, histories and subjectivities that lie beneath the surfaces of the city: quite literally the things we can’t see.

Considering this site as a crossroads for lives and ideas intersecting reflects how I would like this public artwork to function – each sound work is part of a greater narrative, each text building on a composition that cannot be encompassed in one person’s experience alone, but through the multiple narratives of writers of diverse backgrounds and experiences.

This work is set to be launched in 2020. More details as we go.

Image (above): SPEAKER A, early concept images by Cameron Koroluk