Curated by Shaun Dacey

For two weeks (August 15 – 28th, 2013), I am taking part in the Burnaby Art Gallery‘s KIOSK project– where artists take residence in a small kiosk temporarily installed outside the Burnaby Public Library. I’m painting signs for my time there, making content up as I go along, but the idea is that over the course of the 2 weeks, the kiosk gets increasingly more verbose and cluttered with signage.

I’ve been getting some inspiration from thinking about the kiosk as a small and finite lump, hunkered down in front of this large repository of knowledge. I am thinking about smallness and largeness, and what it means to look up in awe.

Everything Between Open and Closed Hours:
August 15 – 28, 2013
Monday to Friday, 12 – 5pm