Norma is a collaborative that I’ve been working with since 2002. This work was produced for a series of public performances called “Expect Delays”, curated by Kathleen Ritter and presented by Artspeak Gallery.

12 performers (8 members of Norma + 4 actors) occupied a small public park in a formation similar to the “idealized public” represented in schematic drawings of civic spaces. Participants were assembled in small groups, or alone, and performed repetitive actions and dialogue for a full workday (9:00am – 5:00pm). The script was taken from the 1975 film, Dog Day Afternoon. A billboard similar to those that advertise new housing developments was placed in the space, exactly reflecting the scene playing out behind.

The work was about social anxiety in a way, and was an attempt to complicate our relationship to architecture, space and social expectations. The film script, itself a Hollywood re-telling of true events, layered a narrative about social unrest on top of a seemingly peaceful scene in a public park.

Here’s an essay on the work by Marina Roy. **coming soon

And here’s a link to the work on Norma’s website.