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David Bowie and Justin Timberlake

David Bowie and Justin Timberlake: Three small works Celebrity is a fascinating thing. It just is. These works here are smaller explorations into my own relationship to it….

Vancouver Family

I sent a package to all the Kwans in Vancouver (there’s 300 of them). In a letter written in both Chinese and English I asked each Kwan to…

American Eagle Quilts

I’m a nostalgic sort. I love second-hand things, and I was noticing some years ago that faux-weathered clothes were getting popular, and thus mass produced. And it struck…

Dishrag Cowboy Shirt

It’s kind of self explanatory. I made this for an art auction, and always wondered if it ever got worn.

Dog Day Afternoon (with Norma)

Norma is a collaborative that I’ve been working with since 2002. This work was produced for a series of public performances called “Expect Delays”, curated by Kathleen Ritter…