An update, from the wilds of summer non-holidays:

RIGHT NOW, I can be found at Kingsgate Mall, doing an open studio with Other Sights for Artists’ Projects. We are making models (think architectural models, but with dollar store materials) of neighbourhood desires for the Mount Pleasant area. Come talk to us and tell us what you want. We’re there until Sunday, July 28th.

In other news, I just produced Fuse at the Vancouver Art Gallery on July 19th with the fantastic guys from the Arrival Agency. Fuse is my regular job-job type gig, and this one was… pretty big. Amazing artists like Paul Wong, Cherchez La Femme, House of La Douche and Von Bingen took over the gallery and 2500 of our closest friends came along. Nice. Real nice.

Working on a couple of public art things for the summer, including a stint at the Burnaby Art GalleryKIOSK, curated by Shaun Dacey. I’ll be there August 15 – 28th, Monday to Friday, noon to 5pm.