Where did 2012 go? Sheesh.

Lots going on. Not sure how “newsy” this is, really, but:

Hillcrest Geyser is operational, hallelujah! Erica and I had our launch back in September, and it was stupendous– kids and ice cream, and city councillors, the whole bit. A few tiny details that are getting sorted, but otherwise, we have finished!

I just wrapped up a night at the awesome PuSh International Performing Arts Festival.

Vancouver Family (more info at left) was part of a show at Centre A, curated by Annabel Vaughan and Makiko Hara, back in September.

I’m working on a project with my good friend Kimberly Phillips– we’re co-curating a show at 221A Artist Run Centre with Kara Uzelman, and also making a publication. We are super excited. The show opens in March 2013, so we are steaming along in preparation…

And otherwise, I am working in the studio……..