East Vancouver, show us your houseplants!

Add your houseplant to our growing gallery by submitting a photo through our form below, and optionally telling us a few things about it. We’ll strip all info out of the image file, for your privacy. (Jump to FAQ & more info…)

  • Only picture files are allowed
  • Maximum upload file size limit: 2 MB


What Can I Upload?

  • A houseplant.
  • No people, or other non-houseplants. (We’re pretty okay with housepets in the picture, but the main focus must be a houseplant.)
  • One image at a time. Please repeat the process for any other plants you love.

What can I write?

  • The TITLE will become the name of your image. “Martha the Ivy Vine” “Pat’s Aloe Vera” “Spider Plant of my Heart” are examples that will work well.
  • The optional DESCRIPTION is free for you to write anything about the plant. Also, if you want to add a photo credit, this is the right place.
  • It has to be about houseplants. Yes, we’re carefully moderating posts. 🙂

Privacy Stuff

  • The site automatically strips original title and all EXIF info so your GPS-based location and device nitty-gritty won’t be hanging out there.
  • We don’t collect any identifying information, nor do we set cookies.
  • To recap, we have only your bare image, and whatever you choose to write.