Stratiform was an exhibition of work by Berlin- and Saskatchewan-based artist Kara Uzelman at 221A Artist Run Centre in Vancouver in 2013. It was co-curated by myself and Kimberly Phillips. Loosely Kimberly and I chose to focus on the idea of melancholy and objects in Kara’s work (the show was linked to a larger project, Sad Sack, that I was working on), but it ended up being a really rich show of new sculptures, inspired by Kara’s then-recent move to a small town in Saskatchewan. Reminiscent of archaeological artifacts, homesteader ingenuities, and survivalist strategies, her work quietly redefines our connection to common objects.

We produced a publication, called Unknown Objects, with texts by Lisa Robertson, Kimberly Phillips and myself. The publication is available for purchase through 221A.

Photos by Dennis Ha, courtesy of 221A and the artist.