I put together this program for the Powell Street Festival and Spatial Poetics, an annual performance showcase of collaborative projects. Here’s an excerpt from the program notes:

The thematic starting point for the eleventh edition of Spatial Poetics is the idea of the chimera—or hybrid monster. While the theme conjures up long-held cultural ideas around fear and horror, these collaborative “beasts” also propose a gentler kind of interaction: one that is less about invoking terror, and more about encouraging the crossing of boundaries, the opening of unconventional relationships, and inviting diverse, creeping sensory experiences.

Spatial Poetics XI: Some Monster features collaborations between: electro-acoustic sound composer Yota Kobayashi and animator Barry Doupé; musician / visual artist Andrew Lee and musician Alex Zhang Hungtai; and experimental cellist Peggy Lee and dancer Delia Brett. The performances will be accompanied by a series of sound works collected by Cindy Mochizuki and Emma Hendrix.

Photos by Jeannie Ow, courtesy of the Powell Street Festival and the artists.