FutureLoss is a project by Zoe Kreye that I curated/ produced as part of my work at grunt gallery. Here’s an excerpt from the text I wrote for her publication:

From January to April, 2015, Zoe Kreye was artist-in-residence with the grunt gallery. She and I went back and forth quite a bit in terms of how she wanted to approach her time here. We had agreed early on that her project would address in some way the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood, and would extend her established practice of working through movement, body and shared experience. Sculpture was always an important aspect of the work, and we (mostly she) spent a great deal of time considering how objects relate to the body and to space, how objects might begin to address the body moving, feeling, remembering.

Photo by Dennis Ha

Zoe worked with a number of shopkeepers and people who run spaces up and down Main Street. The tailor, the dancer, the florist, the barista, the skateboarder, the sausage maker; these bodies and more have held space in a rapidly shifting neighbourhood. Together, Zoe and each participant would make plaster impressions: shapes created through the impression of their bodies to the spaces they occupy. We talk an awful lot about real estate in this town, and here was an opportunity to move through that overarching narrative into something more intimate and hard to pin down.

Zoe’s work was shown at an exhibition at grunt gallery in December 2015, and the artist book is available from the grunt webstore.

Project website: http://futureloss.tumblr.com/

Photographs by Dennis Ha: