In the Fall of 2008, the City of Vancouver called for proposals for artist-initiated projects to be created during the 2010 Olympic Games. I ended up pitching this work, a three-part, temporary work called Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver. They liked it.

The work is based on the postcard idea from Your Private Sky— postcards that could be used as hand-held frames– but more specific to the Vancouver vista. The piece consists of 3 custom-made postcards, a roaming kiosk-sculpture that inhabited various sites during the Olympics, and a website where people could post images of the landscapes they had created. Loosely the work invites people to imagine the landscape as their own, as a changing, subjective experience that counteracts the enormity of a mass marketed event like the Olympics.

The work was on view at 2 different sites during the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Vancouver: the Vancouver Public Library and Granville Island. Over the course of the Olympics and Paralympics, we gave out more than 30,000 postcards. Yowzers.

A link to the official site is here.

Read what the City has to say about the project here.

And if you’re still curious, here’s a longer Artist Statement.