Here’s a few works I did while I was on a residency at the Banff Centre for the Arts in Fall 2008. It was a thematic residency led by Janice Kerbel on Cosmic Ray Research.

I made a bunch of work there, with all sorts of materials. I was trying to make work about the representation of transcendence through everyday things. Right now (it’s late 2012), I’m starting to look at these pieces again with a different eye. I’m thinking a lot about how to express our intimate relationships– with ideas, objects, people, structures, and so on– through art practice, and something in here fits. I think it’s possible to reveal our intimate relationship to objects (and by extension our relationship to the world and structures that created them) and the wish for transcendence is part of that. Jeanne Randolph’s book The Ethics of Luxury has a wonderful passage about how the scale of mass production stands in for the scale of the universe– millions of shoes for millions of stars (I’ll try and find this quote and post it). So there is a political question in here as well. More on this as it comes…

Here’s a selection of pieces– I made a “ghost book” out of resin, some stars out of shaved metal and a found necklace, and created floating shoes. I also did a series of “Zero Gravity Self Portraits” out of buckets.

Oh, universe.